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Our Curriculum

At KIMS, we follow the Montessori philosophy in accordance with the New Education Policy of the Government of India to arrive at a child-friendly, learner-centric curriculum for all our students. The curriculum is implemented with conscientious care by our team of qualified and committed teachers. Individualised reports on each activity are made available to the parents twice a year.

Age Group: 2 1/2 to 5 1/2:


The curricular areas are not mutually exclusive, but complement and support each other. We divide the year into 3 terms, and the curriculum follows the calendar events of each term closely to create a synergy between the child's home and school environments.

Curriculum Objectives:
After 3 years of the prescribed instruction at KIMS, by the age of 5½ (corresponding to the end of Upper KG in traditional schools), the child will be able to express himself/herself fluently in English, read and write sentences independently, be comfortable with quantitative and hierarchical number concepts, solve addition and subtraction sums dealing with hierarchical conversions, solve up to 3-digit multiplication and division sums,  and would have gained knowledge of conversational Hindi and Tamil. The child would exhibit functional independence and confidence in his/her social skills. The child would have an awareness of time concepts. He/she would have had extensive exposure to fine arts and performing arts. He/she would have developed the ability to keenly observe, describe and attempt to explain the various phenomena of the natural world. Read more...

Age Group: 5 1/2 to 11 (and beyond..):

Transition to the Abstract Level: As children grow, they need advanced learning material and modes to continue along the path of their overall development. Accordingly, the curriculum for our 5 ½ to 11 year old children (Classes 1 to 5) caters to the unique needs of this age group, in keeping with the ICSE and CBSE syllabus requirements for this level.

English, Maths, Science, Tamil and Hindi are taught as per ICSE and CBSE norms. The children also learn Computers as an additional subject.

Art and Craft:

'Art and Craft' is not considered an 'extra-curricular' area at KIMS; it is integrated with learning in all the other areas. Children gain exposure to aesthetic principles even as they work on their motor coordination and number skills through selective colouring and painting. They enhance their active vocabulary even as they make patterns with clay, spray-paint, print, make collages, learn origami, or practice stringing and blotting. They explore the working of different implements as they use scissors,  punched design cards and needle-and-thread. Dramatics gives them the opportunity to develop their oratorical and  presentation skills. Regular music and dance classes offer rich scope for developing art appreciation and performance skills. Thus art and craft is woven into the fabric of the Learning Tree curriculum.

Cultural Activities:

Every year, the school organises special events inside and outside school. These events too are dove-tailed into the developmental curve of our students. Our field trips are not one-off excursions, but the culmination of weeks of discussion centering around the place we visit. Our Annual Concert results in an exciting and fulfilling stage experience as well as learning in the areas of team-work, performance arts, music, time management, etc and concepts like conservation and human values. Apart from these, we also schedule Grandparents' Day, Project Days, an Overnight Camp, and celebrations at school for major festivals and cultural events such as Independence Day, Republic Day, Onam, Raksha Bandhan, Navarathri, Deepavali, Children's Day, Eid,  Christmas and Pongal.


New Education Policy 2020

The Mobius Strip of the New Education Policy symbolising the perpetual, developing and living nature of knowledge – that which has no beginning and that which has no end.

By, Ministry Of Human Resource Development,

Government of India


International Accreditation Organization

The V.E.D.I.C. Educations Private Limited that manages KIMS, Chennai has been accredited by International Accreditation Organization, USA 

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